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Outside View of mushroom dome cabin
Meet The Host:

About Kitty

We live on 10 beautiful acres of sun, oak forest, redwood groves and gardens with 2 goats, a parrot, 2 cats, a small dog, 9 chickens and from 200 - 500 hummingbirds - depending on the time of year.

I have been hosting on Airbnb since July 2009, and really love what this company has made possible. I have met so many wonderful people from around the world that I would never have met if I hadn't had this opportunity with Airbnb! Some of our guests (especially the ones from Europe) have never seen a hummingbird before and here they get to see them up close - just a few feet from them as the birds "hum" around the feeders.

We welcome you to come experience the peace and tranquility that our wonderful land has to offer.

Kitty has been recognized by Airbnb as one of the longest-standing Superhosts, as seen here: "Celebrating Our Superhosts Around the World."

Kitty has also been recently interviewed by VOX which can be read here: "What’s it like to own the most-visited Airbnb in the world."

Host of the mushroom dome cabin

Kitty with her fellow Superhost, Elliot

About the Mushroom Dome:

Virtual Tour

The Mushroom Dome was first listed on Airbnb in 2009, and essentially created the category of unique homes on Airbnb. It has been titled "The First Unique", "The Most Popular" and "The Most-Visited" listing on Airbnb.

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2009 First listed on Airbnb
1300+ Positive Reviews
Average Rating
+ Years as the most booked Airbnb listing
Some of our favorite articles about The Mushroom Dome:


With a place as unique as The Mushroom Dome, it's no surprise that it has gained attention from various sources around the internet. What is surprising is the overwhelming response from all kinds of sources! These sources include blogs, news sites, and even Airbnb.


The Mushroom Dome has received many titles from Airbnb, including:

"The First Unique Listing"
How Pioneering Hosts Created 10 Years of Firsts on Airbnb

"...the most-visited listing in the entire Airbnb community."
Airbnb Celebrates Half A Billion Guest Arrivals

So "legendary" that a replica of it has been created in Airbnb’s San Francisco headquarters.
Inside Look: Superhost Appreciation Party

Two Blue Passports

A firsthand review, along with some recommendations for things to do and places to see while you're here.

"In the 50+ Airbnbs I've stayed in, she was one of the most welcoming hosts I've experienced, so it's no surprise she has a 5-star rating... it is the perfect place to escape for a relaxing unplugged weekend."

A Weekend In the World's #1 Airbnb Listing

NBC News

Video interview of Kitty, as well as a look at the Mushroom Dome.

"Of the more than two million Airbnb listings worldwide, the one most booked is a mushroom-shaped geodesic dome surrounded by redwood and oak trees in Aptos, California."

Take a Tour Inside the World's Most Popular Airbnb Rental

The Guardian

"It started life as DIY kit assembled in a spare patch of land for a newly homeless friend. Now this tiny wooden cabin sheltering in the oaks and redwoods of Aptos, California, is the most popular rental on Airbnb."

Airbnb's Most Popular Rental: A Tiny Cabin in the California Woods

What Our Past guests have to say about the dome:


Here are just a few reviews from our always growing list of valued guests! Check our Airbnb listing to see what our most recent visitors have to say.

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